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I believe that this piece of artwork is truly PERFECT!!!! You see, this picture contains two of my favourite Bronies on the internet an...

I LOVE this artwork!!! I believe that this picture shows the value of classic animation and comedy! You see, I have a love for classic ...

This art is absolutely AMAZING!!! I applaud the artist for this great piece of artwork as it really captures my attention!!! I LOVE Yan...

This is an AMAZING piece of art!!! This shows a perfect reason of a crossover between FNAF and RWBY! Everything that resembles fear and...

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Equestria Girls Fan 94! (Rule 63 version) :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 3
The Great Switch! chapter 1
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters, except my OCs. The lovable characters belong to Hasbro.
'Worlds come in so many ways. Similar in some aspects, yet very different in others. Some say the difference in these realities are the events taken place within them. One thing happens in one universe while the opposite happens in another. A theorist theorized that the REAL key to these alternate worlds is choice. Three worlds are made; 1st world where one side of a choice is made, 2nd world where the opposite choice was made and the 3rd world where the choice wasn't made at all.
What if I was to tell you that the TRUE key to the 'Meta-Fiction'?
There are two things that separate real from fiction. One is made from pure imagination while the other is recorded from what's around their eyes. The key to these worlds is that each world is BOTH! A world is real to one universe while it's completely fiction to another.
Imagine, everything about our world; hist
:iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0
Equestria Girls Fan 94! (Hand-drawn) :iconanime-94:Anime-94 2 0 Meta Fiction! :iconanime-94:Anime-94 4 0 TheLostNarrator! (For Lost) :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0 Anime Mercenary(Pony form :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0 Rquest OC 1. (For Itdtaylor1970) :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 2 Parallel Brony! :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0 94's supersuit! :iconanime-94:Anime-94 2 0 Equestria Girls Fan 94! (Update!) :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0 Red Chaos (AU) :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0 Foul Mouth! :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 0 Equestria Girls Fan 94! :iconanime-94:Anime-94 2 3 Steel Suit the Angel of Darkness! :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 5 My Pony-Demon: Sin Hunt :iconanime-94:Anime-94 1 3
Daily life at the Rift Cafe!
Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these analysis brony OC's!!! Each and every character within this story belong to their rightful and respectful owners within the analysis community! This story is my way to express my feelings of inspiration to those very bronies! Thank you for your amazing work, great and awesome analysis bronies!!!!
(In the Rift Café, Thursday, 13:23....)
VoiceofReason: So Thespio, how'd your week start off?
Thespio: Eh. Not much. Just normal like every week. You know, walking down the hallway, having an ice-cold soda, Comic Sans appearing in front of you, getting sneezed on by said pony, Toon taking a picture of said event, Aeon uses that creepy laugh and opens the portal to Hell just to get his favourite sauce, you getting sucked into the portal, landing in a place swarmed with angry demons, having to fight every single one of those little annoying things until Aeon brings you back and offers you a sandwich!!!! God, I hate Tue
:iconanime-94:Anime-94 2 0


Lullabye for a Princess Cover :iconanimelodieva:AnimelodieVA 4 0 Becoming Popular Cover :iconanimelodieva:AnimelodieVA 3 0 Stop The Bats! Cover :iconanimelodieva:AnimelodieVA 3 0 Vectored OC :iconanimelodieva:AnimelodieVA 21 12 Secret Dreamer Equal :iconanimelodieva:AnimelodieVA 8 4 Artist Hugging CarToonz - Commission :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 118 15 New Doujinshi FT Gakko :iconkarola2712:Karola2712 154 25 My Little Pony The Movie .AU. :iconshadcream4eva:shadcream4eva 72 38 CE: SunAria Reversal~ :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 138 69 The Bridge. A Godzilla/ MLP crossover Titlecard. :iconanimechristy:Animechristy 96 21
RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 40
Chapter 40: A New Journey Awaits.
Roman Torchwick has finally met his end,our heroes
had time to reflect on what happened as now with they successfully found
where ozpin was, they're long journey has come to a end.
3 Weeks Later, Ruby's Home
Ruby slowly wakes up staring up at the ceiling,she slowly sits up noticing she was in her room. "I'm home.." she looks around and suddenly feels a band-aid over her cheek where she suffered the scratch from the fight with torchwick.
ruby get's up from her bed and get's exit's out of her room but notices zwei was waiting outside her room looking up her wagging his tail happily. "Zwei!." she picks him up and hugs him as he licks her cheek barking happily. "hehe...h-huh?.." she looks at her hand and notices her ring was gone. "where did my ring go.."
she remembers back to when noctis thrown her the ring to help fight torchwick. "he must have took it while i was asleep.."
"exactly..." ruby and zwei turn they're heads as she places zwei back on t
:icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 3 3
RWBY Fantasy ~ Chapter 39
Chapter 39: Final Duel
Team RWBY and Noctis Group enters into the heavily
monitored beacon academy with both groups splitting off to handle the goals
they settled on.
Team RWBY finally encounters Roman Torchwick after a long absence
since they're last encounter at gralea, torchwick summons the infernian himself...ifrit
as our heroes must go past him to get to torchwick himself.
Team RWBY successfully defeated the infernian with the surprising help
from the draconian bahamut,and the glacian shiva finishing off ifrit for good
as it worked longed ago.
our heroes entered into ozpin's office to finally put a end of torchwick's reign
and also hopefully find ozpin.
12:32 AM, Beacon Academy,Ozpin's Office
Team RWBY was in the elevator taking up towards his office,as they still feeling the wounds from the battle with ifrit mainly ruby.
"tch..i still feel very hot right now..." weiss says complaining. "don't worry about it to much weiss...." blake crosses her arms looking over to weiss.
:icondigital-silvereyes:Digital-SilverEyes 3 0
Step Aside :iconflutterthrash:FlutterThrash 136 11 AtN: The Hero In Blue - Part 1 :iconrated-r-ponystar:Rated-R-PonyStar 138 20 #BlessYouBliss (finished) :iconhayleycometra:HayleyCometra 37 9 My Little Mages- Doctor Whooves :icondidj:Didj 90 11


I am hoping SO much for the future!!!

So much, I even have some dreams about my brony life. My biggest dream, is to one day join either the Brony Rift Café or the Secret Rift! I hope to one day meet my favourite bronies & pegasisters!

The Mod'nificent Seven with a Twist! by TheEditorMLPNew Rift Cafe Portrait by Lightning-Bliss


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Arthur Wood.
United Kingdom
I am a HUGE Anime/Manga fan!!! I'm also a Brony and a lover of crossovers!!!

Gender: Male.

Home: UK.

Occupation: Lover of all things Anime and MLP!


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